Program notes

Ely Phan, Director of Troilus & Cressida, wrote the following program notes:

Since the earliest days of its printing history, Troilus and Cressida has been described as a tragedy, a comedy and a history. All be forewarned, ye who enter here, that this is a very confusing play. But not for its chimeric nature or winding plot structure. For a modern audience, the confusion lies in what the play both suggests and refuses to discuss about the nature of war, and about the roles of sex and gender in times of conflict. Our Trojan War is a war of performance (or a performance of war) and we have chosen to set the story in a circus-like arena, where every Greek and every Trojan performs the behaviors, gendered or otherwise, ascribed to them by what is essentially a culture of violence. All individuals are capable of performing acts of violence, regardless of their mental or biological composition. As always, we hope to leave you with more questions than answers about what kind of society thrives on the performance of such brutality—between competitors, between lovers, and across all walks of life. Welcome, honored guests, to Troy!

Further photos from the production.

Troilus & Cressida Opening Wednesday, August 6 – Join us!

Please join us for Fermat’s Last Theater Co’s production of Shakespeare’s Troilus & Cressida – his dark and corrosive commentary on war, sex, gender and performance – Aug 6-9 in the round at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (WID) on the UW Campus at 330 N. Orchard St.

Set in a circus environment with Greeks and Trojans competing in the same space, this staging is fast paced and by turns, tender, violent, profane and tragic. It will be terrific theater – be there!

Tickets are $10 cash at the door (there is an ATM across the street in Union South) or online at (with a $1.34 service charge). Performances are at 7:30 PM Wed/Thur/Fri and at noon on Saturday.

Parking is available in Lot #20 just across University Ave - $1/hour, take ticket as you enter and pay with credit or debit card on exiting (it is free on Saturday). Other UW parking lots are free after 4:30 and on Saturday – Lot 51 at 30 N Mills and Lot 56 at 255 N Charter – see interactive campus map at: - Parking on the streets is often also available and free after 6 PM. There is another underground paid lot (same rates at Lot #20) under Grainger Hall on Brooks St, three blocks east of WID.

Seating is unreserved – we suggest arriving early. The playing space is small and you will be close to the action. Doors open at 7 PM Wed/Thurs/Fri and 11:30 AM Saturday.

Pictures from the upcoming production

Tickets now on sale for Troilus & Cressida - August 6-9

Online tickets may be purchased here:

Online tickets are $10 + a $1.34 service fee

Tickets will be available at the door for $10 (cash only) with no service fee

Seating is unreserved - doors open one half hour before the show

Performance dates and times are:

Wed   Aug 6  7:30 PM
Thurs Aug 7  7:30 PM
Fri      Aug 8  7:30 PM
Sat     Aug 9  noon
Parking information for the play:

Free parking on the street can often be found on Regent St and the north/south streets between Dayton and Regent. Paid parking is available in UW campus lots - closest is Lot #20, on the north side of University Avenue just across from the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.  Weekday evening rate is $1/hour (credit card only), free on Saturday.  Lot #7 is under Grainger Hall School of Business three blocks east of WID - same rates.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to the 48 people who donated $1900 to our successful Kickstarter drive,  Our goal was $1500 and we reached that in just 15 days.  The funds will be well spent on costumes, props, posters and programs and allow us to fully realize our ideas for staging this very complex and moving play.

We’re going into our fourth week of rehearsal - stay tuned for updates.

Performances will be Aug 6-9 in the round at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

See you in August!

A hearty thank you

A hearty thank you to all who have pledged to our Kickstarter drive to fund our Aug 6-9 staging of Troilus & Cressida! We met our $1500 goal in 15 days. We have 13 days left and would REALLY like to hit $2000. If you saw our production of Merchant last year, if you have NEVER seen Troilus and want to help make this staging awesome, please consider a donation of any size. Here again is the link:

The Troilus & Cressida Kickstarter is live!

We need to raise $1500, so please consider making a donation of any size.  Kickstarters work because many people give small donations.
We do have some great rewards too - signed posters, very cool tee shirts, and a dinner with the cast catered by award winning Underground Foods.
We are keeping ticket prices low - $10 cash (no service fees) at the door.  Ticket prices pay for the venue - in this case it’s the great round space on the main floor of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery on the 
UW campus).  Everything else - costumes, props, scripts, programs and posters we need to collect from Kickstarter,
So help us stage this terrific play Aug 6-9, donate and be in our audience,


Performance info for Troilus & Cressida

Wed/Thurs/Fri August 6/7/8 at 7:30 PM
Sat noon matinee August 9

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
DeLuca Space
Orchard and University Ave on the UW Campus

Tickets are $10 cash at the door - no service or processing charges

Join us!

Second round of auditions

There will be a “second round” of auditions for those who were out of town for Spring Break.

Auditions will be on April 4 & 57:30-9:30 at First Baptist Church, 518 N Franklin (enter on west side of building).

Open auditions for Troilus & Cressida

Fermat’s Last Theater Co. is thrilled to announce open auditions for its production of Troilus and Cressida, by William Shakespeare, running August 6-9 at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery on the UW campus.

Auditions will be held from 7:30 PM to approximately 10 PM on March 20-22 at First Baptist Church of Madison, 518 N. Franklin Avenue (parking lot and entrance on the west side of the building).

Please come ready to rock and roll (among other things) with a brief memorized passage from Shakespeare and your availability for all of June through mid August. Actors of all shapes, sizes, colors and persuasions are welcome, nay, encouraged to audition. Play an instrument? Even better! See you in spring.

 *Please let us know if you’d like to audition but can’t make the designated dates. We still want to see what you’ve got! We’re considering the possibility of holding a second round in April, which will determine the date of callbacks. Thank you for your flexibility.

Fermat’s Last Theater Co to stage Shakespeare’s Troilus & Cressida in August 2014

Troilus and Cressida will be FLTCo’s summer
2014 production.  Performances will be August 7-10 and Ely Phan will
again direct.

A structurally and linguistically complex play, Troilus & Cressida is
a dark, bitter and sarcastic commentary on war and honor, sex and love.
While set during the Trojan War, it raises very contemporary questions
about why societies go to war and what is worth fighting and dying for.

In the early printing history, two quarto editions listed it as a comedy,
one quarto described it as a history and the First Folio listed it as a
tragedy - it is all of these and more and a terrific and thought
provoking work of art.  Join us!

If you saw (or only heard about) our very successful production
of The Merchant of Venice this past summer you will not want
to miss this new production of Troilus and Cressida.

Watch this space and/or our Facebook page for details in 2014,

Ely Phan, Artistic Director
David Simmons, Production Manager

A summing up…

One final and heartfelt thank you to all who helped make our production of The Merchant of Venice a rousing success.  We exceeded our expectations and drew 320 people to four performances.

We set ticket prices at only $7 to make the show accessible to a wide and diverse audience.  The space we chose was purposely small so the audience would be close to the actors - we had very optimistically hoped for 70 people per night, but we exceeded that at the opening, and the crowd grew every night! It was over 100 on Sunday afternoon, August 4.

So thanks again to all who gave to our successful Kickstarter campaign - those funds really helped us stage a great show, and we could not have done it without you.

For those not able to attend a performance, I leave you with the wise words of our directoEly Phan, taken from the program notes:

This play was written at a time of great socio-economic change and its controversy has only intensified over the centuries, its nuances deepened and its themes matured.  Everything but its modern relevance should be questioned.  We have most deliberately avoided ornament in our staging and, in some sense, we have left the seams uncovered.  Armed only with great respect for the text, great trust in one another and great devotion to the community, we have come together across barriers of age and training to frame for you those questions we find most compelling.  It is our hope that our Venice moves you to laughter, to rage, to critical thought, or to some uncomfortably entertaining combination of all three.  In the great tradition of Shakespeare, we have no answers or conclusions to offer you, but we aim to make you victims of Stoppard’s finest persecution:  “to be kept intrigued without ever quite being enlightened.”

What next? Watch this space for an announcement about our second season!